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Promotion Guidelines

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Promotion Guidelines

Our website is open for pretty much all types of promotion, however we do have a few rules you will need to follow. This is only to keep our website safe, and abide to the laws of the country our website is hosted in.
  • Commercial Products: This website is for online promotions, not for Commercial product promotions. We help online communities promote their websites.
  • No Illegal Content: We do not in any way condemn any site or website that promotes illegal content (i.e: piracy, nulled, cracking, warez, hacking related sites, pornography, torrents, any form of black hat related site and anything that falls into unlawful within the United States is not allowed on AdminForum.)
  • Bumping: We only allow bumping of a topic every 24 hours, anyone bumps before 24 hours will be removed. We also do not allow tag-team bumping. Only the thread OP can bump a thread.
  • Thread Limits: We only allow one thread per promotion, opening two threads for your promotional item will result in a profile infraction and removal of both topics.
Please bear in mind that the rules above are subject to change as to how AdminForum deems fit. It is your duty as member to read and stay up to date with our guidelines.
Not open for further replies.

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