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Featured Website Guidelines

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So, you are interested in having your website featured on the index page of Admin Forum. This is possible by following the below guidelines, this way you will be able to have your website featured on our index page.

  • We only feature 3 websites per month. Each for the one slot on our featured website section on the forums.
  • Featured websites only last for 30 days from the day of selection.
  • You need to have a minimum of 25 posts before being able to submit your website to be featured.
  • Once your website has been selected to be featured, you cannot submit your website to be featured in the next consecutive round. You can submit your website again after another 30 days.
  • The website you submit to be featured should be your own, or you should be staffed on the website you are suggesting to be featured.
  • You can only submit one website for each month's featured website voting.
  • A thread will be open by one of the staff members at Admin Forum for each month's featured website voting.
  • Your post will have functionality to be voted, and three posts with the highest votes will win the featured website contest for the month.
  • Votes can only be cast during the given time and date. Any vote done after this cutoff period will not be considered. (Arguing with staff on this matter will cause you to lose your votes)
  • Please follow the posting format to be eligible to have your website featured on our website.
Website Name: [name of your website]
Website Link: [link to your website]
Website Description: [a small descrtiption about your website]

Please bear in mind that the above rules are subject to change.
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