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Oct 2, 2021

Introducing Discussion Hub!

Discussion Hub is a general discussion community aiming to help you get a little blast from the past. Cast your mind back to 2014. Life was simple. Forums were full of coloured usernames, special userbars and tight-knit communities. We want that back! So help us create it and let's have a great time.

We want Discussion Hub to be a relaxed and calm environment. And to ensure smooth sailing, we have tried to avoid creating a huge list of guidelines and rules. Simply come on over, chat freely and enjoy yourselves.


What do we have for you to enjoy?

Membership Groups -
Who doesn't love a special, unique and glowing username? That's why we have many opportunities for our users to get exactly that with our upgraded memberships. Emerald and Diamond memberships are available to purchase with our virtual currency or by winning our Top Poster of the Month contest, whilst Sapphire is available for $. These memberships will bring you a great range of benefits, with more to come very soon.


Spotify - We love music. And if you do too, share your music with the community. Our Spotify integration will allow you to show off what you are listening to on your posts and profile. And have a quick look at the sidebar because the top played songs right now will be showcased.


Virtual Currency & Shop - Hubux is the virtual currency of Discussion Hub. Earn this by posting around the forum and completing little tasks. Exchange these for items in the shop including coloured usernames, special badges, membership or even your very own custom forum.


Adult Café - We notice that a lot of "General Discussion" forums like to limit what you can talk about. No swearing, no porn and no adult discussions. That's why we have the Adult Café, dedicated to those adult discussions where you don't have to worry about what you're posting. (Access is limited to users that are 18+)

Awards - Everyone loves a shiny award. Earn awards for posting, completing activities and even telling us about your holiday. Show off your awards on your posts and profiles for all to see.

Custom User Groups - Have a favourite hobby? Want to discuss your favourite TV show? Create a custom user group with your hard-earned Hubux (virtual currency) and have your own section on the forum to discuss anything and everything you want. Or join an existing group including one for Anime fans or users that want to go down memory lane!


and much much more... - We are committed to bringing you more features and additions to ensure your time with us is great. Just a few of what we have planned include posting contests, free giveaways, profile covers, and hosting for Hubux.

We hope you join us at Discussion Hub and look forward to helping you with a little blast to the past.
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Sep 22, 2021
Love your forum you got going! A huge fan of Discussion Hub :)

Wish you all the best for your forum, :) Love the classic touches you got going like colored usernames and user banners, ☺️ Really does make it feel nostalgic.


Dec 2, 2021
Whenever I pop onto Discussion Hub there is always a hand full of topics I can find that are interesting to me. There is a really good community feel as well and no cliques so everyone is welcome.