AdminForum Turns One!


Sep 22, 2021
Happy Birthday to AdminForum! We just turned one!

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I started back on 23 September 2021 (this was my first post on AF), as a means for webmasters to come together and discuss certain aspects of running a website. Every webmaster knows that running a website is not an easy task, however it makes it easier when you have like-minded people to discuss with in order to help each other out and sort out different issues that we face with our websites.

One Year Stats
Members on board: 47 Members
Total Threads: 168 Topics
Total Posts: 565 Posts

Although our stats may not look impressive for a site that is one year old, however it is still progress from where we have started. My lack of activeness on the forum itself is to partly blame on the low stats that we have accumulated so far.

We will be focusing more heavily on more quality content for AdminForum. Stay Tuned! 🍻