Ad Placements

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 30, 2021
If you were to add ads to your forum or website (or if you already have ads), where would you consider placing said ads?

For Leaderboard Ads, I will generally place them inbetween the header of the forum, and the content body. Rarely do I place them in the footer. For the regular banner ad (468x60), I tend to place it at the end of the content page (before the footer), or inbetween the page title and the content body. Rarely do I insert them after certain post numbers, but I have done it previously.


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Oct 2, 2021
On a forum like this where you have a big header and empty space on one side, I would place a leaderboard advertisement right there since it looks better than having a single ad between the header and forum.

I like having them in between posts sometimes as well


Dec 2, 2021
I really can't stand having ads between posts and on some forums I leave immediately.

I prefer having ads at the bottom of the page and sometimes one or two along the side. I don't like seeing a lot of ads on a forum. On Christianity Haven we only have one ad and that's on the bottom and on Crafter Craze I haven't added any ads yet but probably will in the future.