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  1. Nous

    How did you spend Christmas?

    Well there goes 2021 Christmas! How did you spend this Christmas? Did you spend it partying and feasting with family or working? I managed to spend this Christmas with family after quite some time :)
  2. Nous

    How did you learn to create websites?

    We all started somewhere, don't be shy! Share with us how did you learn to create websites and what got you into creating websites (blogs, forums etc).
  3. Nous

    When to set up ads on your website?

    One important goal for a webmaster is to set up ads to monetize a website and try to earn some profits for the hard work they put in. In most websites that I see, the webmasters put up the ads way too early, even before the website starts gaining traffic and traction. But again, they may have...
  4. Nous

    What is your favorite type of Alcohol?

    I am not a big drinker of any sort, but I do enjoy having a glass or two of Whisky during the weekends to wind down and a beer once in a while during the week. Not a huge fan of Vodka or Tequila though. What about you?
  5. Nous

    Preferred Shared Hosting?

    Who is your go to Shared hosting provider that you trust?
  6. Nous

    Paying for content?

    Have you ever paid someone to produce content for you? Whether it's forum posts or blog post? And where do you purchase this content (i.e: fiverr?)
  7. Nous

    Blogs vs Forums

    When it comes to SEO, content is king, right? A question that often pulls me apart is "What is better for SEO?" a blog or a forum? I know many forums that have a blog upfront with a limited amount of content just for SEO’s sake. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Blog's get better...
  8. Nous

    Platform Specific Domains?

    Do you ever register platform specific domains? For instance, AdminForum has the word Forum in it, which is considered to be a platform or SEOBlog which is has the word blog in it which makes it quite specific to its platform. A visitor who comes to AdminForum would expect to see a forum website...
  9. Nous

    Do you SEO?

    I know a lot of webmasters that do not prioritize SEO, they use the basic built in SEO options available in the platforms that they use like WordPress, XenForo, IPB etc. So do you do anything special other than setting up basic SEO settings on your platform? If so what is it that you do?
  10. Nous

    What do you hate most about running a forum?

    Running and maintaining a forum in this day and age can be quite frustrating, specially for someone who is just starting out. You have a part of the crowd that says that 'forums are dead' and then you have the part of the crowd that says that if you build eventually people will come etc. I...
  11. Nous

    Do you decorate your website for holidays?

    I know many websites that decorate their websites for different holidays, with either a logo to match the holiday or even a special effect on their website with something that goes along with the theme of the holiday. Do you decorate your website?
  12. Nous

    Happy Holidays! 🎅

    It's December already! What a year it has been, I would like to take this moment to appreciate everyone who has joined the forum and contributed :) I want to wish everyone at Admin Forum Happy Holidays! Don't forget to spend time with your loved ones during this season 👪 🤗 🎄
  13. Nous

    Featured Website of the Month - December 2021

    December 2021 - Featured Website of the Month We are officially launching the very first featured website of the month starting in December 2021. Please be sure to read our guidelines and follow them strictly to have a chance to get your website featured. Start submitting your websites by...
  14. Nous

    Featured Website Guidelines

    Howdy! So, you are interested in having your website featured on the index page of Admin Forum. This is possible by following the below guidelines, this way you will be able to have your website featured on our index page. Guidelines: We only feature 3 websites per month. Each for the one...
  15. Nous

    Our currency system got renamed

    Howdy folks! We have been busy behind the scenes working on the functionality of the website and building up new features to help our fellow webmasters. In the midst of all these changes, one of the drastic changes that we took was to rename our currency system. Previously, our virtual...
  16. Nous

    Where do you advertise your forum?

    Advertising a forum can be quite difficult in this day and age, not a lot of users prefer forums now that Social media has taken over. However, there is a small majority of us out there who still prefer forums. Where do you advertise your forum to reach this crowd?
  17. Nous

    How do you monitor website traffic?

    There are so many online tools to monitor website traffic, a few include: Google Analytics Cloudflare Analytics Hubspot Clicky What platform do you use to monitor your website's traffic? How does the platform help you?
  18. Nous

    Promotion Guidelines

    Promotion Guidelines Our website is open for pretty much all types of promotion, however we do have a few rules you will need to follow. This is only to keep our website safe, and abide to the laws of the country our website is hosted in. Commercial Products: This website is for online...
  19. Nous

    Have you put up your Christmas 🎄?

    November is coming to an end in a few days, and I know most of you out there already had your Christmas tree's put up by mid-November. So, have you put up your tree? When do you usually put up the tree?
  20. Nous

    Promotion Directory Now Open

    I am pleased to announce that our Promotion Directory is now open for everyone to post. We have removed all restrictions on the Promotion directory, you can now post under the promotion directory as you wish, the content is however moderated, and we assure you that posts will be approved within...