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  1. Lammchen

    Having a forum mascot

    I've thought about it for Crafter Craze. I would like to have a character that is a pair of scissors, or maybe a ball of yarn? I think the yarn is easier because then I can play with some animation things too and bring it to life in a way.
  2. Lammchen

    What do you hate most about running a forum?

    What I hate the most is that I constantly have to add content because members only want to reply to things and not start new topics.
  3. Lammchen

    Ad Placements

    I really can't stand having ads between posts and on some forums I leave immediately. I prefer having ads at the bottom of the page and sometimes one or two along the side. I don't like seeing a lot of ads on a forum. On Christianity Haven we only have one ad and that's on the bottom and on...
  4. Lammchen

    Tips and Tricks at keeping active members

    You do the same type of things I do when coming up with questions to ask, look around, pay attention but most of all, remember to return online and post those questions. At one point I was writing things down in my Notes on my phone when I was out and about and came up with some questions to...
  5. Lammchen

    Discussion Hub - General Discussion Community

    Whenever I pop onto Discussion Hub there is always a hand full of topics I can find that are interesting to me. There is a really good community feel as well and no cliques so everyone is welcome.
  6. Lammchen

    How did you learn to create websites?

    I remember when the WWW became popular and everyone got into web page creation. A friend of mine figured some things out and gave me the html coding so I could make some simple pages as well. I had a pets page for a while that gave me a lot of confidence so I could advance to making a website...
  7. Lammchen

    Do you SEO?

    I haven't really worried about SEO too much because as long as I keep my current members busy with good conversation then they seem to invite their friends over. Word of mouth is the best advertising.
  8. Lammchen

    How did you spend Christmas?

    My daughter, her bulldog and guinea pig spent a few days with us so that was really nice! We made homemade ravioli with garlic bread and antipasto salad for our meal and it was amazing!! Then we made bread pudding for dessert and that came out perfect this year.
  9. Lammchen


    I've had some members post spammy things and as long as they don't do it too often I'll let it slide. People who sign up just to spam are banned. Regular members get more leeway.
  10. Lammchen

    Promoting Community Participation

    I've done other types of contests and no one wants to do them except the same couple of people. I did a mystery contest once and really hoped the members would get into it and only one did. All that work I spent writing things up and doing dialog and making characters...too much time for only...
  11. Lammchen

    What are your thoughts on Post-Exchange?

    I wasn't always for them but they can bring some new conversations to the site when it gets old among the same old members. I think that oftentimes a newbie that does an exchange can pique the interest of some lurkers even.
  12. Lammchen

    Promoting Community Participation

    On Christianity Haven contests haven't gone over too well. I think the best participation was when I ran some Bingo games and no prizes were given but awards for their profiles! It's crazy what you think will be a hit and something simple and old fashioned works better.
  13. Lammchen

    Do you decorate your website for holidays?

    Sometimes the site owner decorates the Christian forum that I run but I don't do anything special for my crafting forum. I don't get enough traffic on that one yet to bother with that type of change. I'll consider it in the future though.
  14. Lammchen

    Glad to be here!

    Hi, I'm Kathy. I run a Christian forum and own a crafting forum. I'm always looking for new ways to make those places a success.