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  1. AJH

    Best forum Software for Customizing Themes?

    XenForo has been the easiest to customize for me! I love it!
  2. AJH

    How do you come up with content to post?

    I do research on topics. And it also depends on the niche of the forum. What I do for my forum, it's a webmaster and admin forum, is I visit and join and be part of those types of forums along with doing keyword research on topics people are searching Google for! When I am posting on other...
  3. AJH

    AdminForum Turns One!

  4. AJH

    Hey all!

    Hey all!
  5. AJH

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone! I'm Aaron! I'm the owner/founder of, a writing, blogging, and publishing forum, and live in Florida. I'm married, we have 3 boys, and I'm in full-time ministry also. :) Looking forward to connecting with other forum owners here!
  6. AJH - Best Writing & Blogging Forum on the Internet! is a blog and online discussion community founded on Christian values and principles made up of readers, writers, and bloggers who are passionate about writing. This is a place to discover new stories to read and authors to follow. It's a place where writers can promote their...
  7. AJH

    About Instagram hashtags

    I usually do between 3-10ish
  8. AJH

    JoyFreak here!

    Hey @JoyFreak welcome!
  9. AJH

    About Instagram hashtags

    I use them on my IG reels and they get anywhere between 3k-10k+ views. I think they work in promoting content. But I wouldn’t rely on them. That’s been my experience.
  10. AJH

    Hey all!

    Hey all!
  11. AJH

    Our currency system got renamed

    Love the new name for it!
  12. AJH

    Preferred Shared Hosting?

    I use A2 Hosting for my forum. Love them. Their support team has always been top notch.
  13. AJH

    Posting Etiquette

    Does your forum enforce or prefer posting etiquette, such as using proper grammar and spelling at the least?
  14. AJH

    Search engine bots

    Hey! I recently started a forum community using XenForo. I have been noticing a lot of search engine bots visiting. Is this a good thing? Will that help the forum get indexed more?
  15. AJH

    Search Engine Friendly URLs

    I use XenForo also. I’m gonna start using the blog/article feature to see if the blog posts help with SEO and bringing organic traffic.
  16. AJH

    Cheapest Domain Registrar?

    That’s good to know!! I use Google Domains a lot and Name Cheap.