Our Mission & Vision

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In order to build a strong community, it is important to define the communities Vision and Mission. By defining this, we are able to define the communities purpose and direction. Most communities lose their purpose and direction along the way due to many factors and end being a dead community.

Vision Statement
A Vision statement defines the communities purpose, but focus more on the goals and aspirations of the community.
Our vision is to be the most resourceful webmaster community on the World Wide Web.
By being a true community resource found nowhere else, we wish to entitle and empower all webmasters to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Mission Statement
A Mission statement also defines the purpose, however with more focus on the primary objectives in reaching the vision.
To provide webmasters with a platform where they can collaborate and discourse, driven through engagement and gamification.
This Mission Statement explains how we are going to fulfill our vision. By providing a strong platform with comprehensive informational resources and development tools, which can truly entitle webmasters. And empower them through engagement and gamification.
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