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Recent content by Techno

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  1. Techno

    How do you automate content creation?

    I am aware of this one program, its called ContentMaker, I can't remember much of it, but I'll try to find it.
  2. Techno

    Anyone here?

    Anyone here?
  3. Techno

    Are you very active, or not so much?

    It depends, I enjoy these smaller forums, but they never really talk to me. Which just makes me bored, then I stop posting as much.
  4. Techno

    Sat on the couch and played Metroid Dread.

    Sat on the couch and played Metroid Dread.
  5. Techno


    Cool, hope things go well for you mate. 1642379154 Man, no else is ever online. It's so empty.
  6. Techno


    I see, thanks for the info. Looks like we are the only ones online.
  7. Techno


    Cool mate, I've heard of InvisionFree, but never visited. Oh, it shutted down, how sad.
  8. Techno

    Techno Here

    Hello, I am Techno. I was apart of another forum promotion site until I saw the iceberg headed for it and fled. I am apart of my forums, and just wish to stay here and help out people and my friend's forum. If anyone needs any help I am willing to help out to the best of my ability. I hope to be...