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Recent content by Jayson

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  1. $2 VPS Hosting

    It's on the site you linked to.
  2. SSL Certificates and Hosting

    Considering SSL certificates are such a pain, if some company had some easy way to get SSL on there or if they did it for the customers, that could give them an edge in selling hosting. Any thoughts?
  3. $2 VPS Hosting

    Wow! That's not a bad deal, even though the cheapest on there is around $5 now. It even has cPanel and a free SSL.
  4. Ad Blockers

    I suppose someone could tell. Anyway, I wouldn't put ads on my site due to this reason maybe. Well, how many ads are being blocked on average in the US? Well, there are other ways to get ads or revenue on there, though - to bypass the blockers.
  5. Domain Expenses

    Having a pre-made list of buyers could be the solution, but that's very hard, but that's the way with online businesses. No pain, no gain.
  6. How to Succeed in Domaining

    Well, unless you got super powerful domains with 3 letters or numbers or something, you're going to have to work hard to build an inventory and list of buyers you can market to. Well, that's the way with any online business. It ain't easy. ;)
  7. Is Justice Blind?

    Well, in the case of mental illness, the jails are now mental hospitals, at least in the US, so courts are quick to just lock up the mentally ill.
  8. Domain Expenses

    No, I haven't done none of that. I'm very cynical about that business. It's fun to play with, but it's like someone going to Las Vegas. Well, you can't totally be sure on a profit from a domain, unless it's something like a 3 letter or number domain, something like that. Everything else is...
  9. Domain Expenses

    No, a loss for $40. Should have just kept it until the value would be thru the roof.
  10. Anyone want to learn something new?

    Nah, they're not unless it's top of the line, maybe. Not sure.
  11. Domain Expenses

    $100 or for RoyalKnight.com on NamePros.com auction. I don't own it now though; sold it.
  12. Anyone want to learn something new?

    I'd like to learn the banjo so I am memorizing some chords. The is, though, I need the instrument. However, I can still gather in a lot of skill until I get one.
  13. How confident are you with installing mods and addons?

    I actually very good at it, lol. I have a lot of confidence.
  14. Handling Stress

    Yeah, nature is good, jogging or just sitting down and watching a relaxing TV show.
  15. Trial by Jury

    This is funny cause it seems like they never happen since nearly all cases are solved by a plea bargain these days.